oh y e s,

there will be b l o o d

Come to save little miss Muffet, have we? Well, you're too late. A spider came and sat down beside her and frightened miss Muffet away .

i'm the fuckin' k i n g of the world.

{indie chase collins from the covenant blog.}



                  “And you don’t know what
                   I can do. Let me help you.”

                      ‘ Stay back! 

  [ he shouts, a little more
    aggressive in tone and 
    in his posture, tensing 
    up, fearing that the power
    building up within him 
    from the terror that shoots
    through his veins will soon
    look for ways to be expelled. ]




                      “Implications are boring. What I say is what I mean.”

    Color her intrigued. It’s not
    everyday she encounters
    someone who acts like this.

                    “Oh? Is this because I’m cute?”

                      ’ You could say t h a t, yeah. ’ 

  [ his grin widens upon his
    lips, crinkles forming around
    his eyes as he does so, a 
    single laugh tumbling from
    them . ] 

Title: No Light, No Light
Artist: Florence + The Machine
Album: Ceremonials
Played: 28221 times


No Light, No Light by Florence + The Machine [lyrics]

I never knew daylight could be so violent


{ ❅ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ ——— 

                                 (  just leave, Elsa.
                       he’s obviously b r e a t h i n g .
                            what more can you do ?  )

          various noises unfolded beyond the  closed  door, the
          temptation to press her ear close  &  attempt  to make
          sense of what was occurring grew  at a dizzying pace.
          then came the solemn contemplation  -  was this  how
          Anna felt when awaiting a response from  beyond  the
          barrier between them ? she had fought to ensure  that
          not even her breathing could be  noted  -  for the room
          to appear empty.  perhaps  whomever was beyond the
          door did not hold the experience  in  isolation  she had
          - how  to  successfully  ensure  that  solitude   remains

                              & just as  she was to abandon this ridiculous  endeavor,
                              the  door  creaked  ajar,  cerulean  irises  colliding  with
                              distressed optics  of  a  similar  shade.   now,  she  was
                              faced with social interaction, battling to ensure that this
                              did  not  appear  to  be  her  first  conversation  beyond
                              those whom  were  carefully  chosen  to  be  within  the
                              same vicinity.   a  breeze, gelid in nature, caressed the
                              nape of her neck just beneath  her  tightly wound bun -
                              a reminder that the curse was always near. 


                                      ❝ are you sure ? ❞

          his fallacy was far from believable when most  of  the
          populous were in their respective classes. curiosity &
          impulse prompted the next query.

                                          ❝ where are the other guys ? ❞


   [ he hopes, p r a y s that she won’t  further
     question the white deceit that escaped his
     lips, knuckle whitening as his hand grips the
     backpack’s strap tighten against his thin frame.
     though his prayers go unanswered and he finds
     himself facing an interrogation, a scheme to reveal
     that he had been lying after all. although the door
     is opened just slightly further than it had been, both
     to better expose his mild battery and to see whomever
     he was talking to, but the blood draining from his face
     suggests childlike guilt, pausing before speaking.  ] 

                        ’ … They’re cleaning up a bit. I’d show you, but… ‘ 


Cell phone is no substitute for our face to face “chats”



               ”You won’t hurt me.
                Just calm down…”


                       ’ —You don’t know that! You
                        don’t know what I can do! 


    ’ No? 

her brows  raise in indignance,  but  her voice  
remains soft and calm. she hopes it’s  enough
for  him to u n d e r s t a n d;  she isn’t looking
for a fight. she’s not his enemy.

    ’ Look at yourself,
              — you’re out of control


                       ’ Do I look out of control to you? 
                         I’d say I’m more in than out. I’ll
                         say it again; I don’t need help. ‘ 

   [ eyes threaten to cloud with
     their obsidian shield, fury 
     heating and rising in his 
     veins. the only solution to
     calm the anger within is to
     use his m a g i c, the only 
     thing that offers solace to 
     the rage within, but he holds
     back, just for now. ] 




                        “Hey now, I never said that.”

    Oh how you loved to be admired
    or considered beautiful…especially since your death. 

                      ’ It was kinda i m p l i e d. ‘

  [ the teasing tone only
    continues, eyebrows 
    crinkling just slightly
    as he speaks. ] 

                    ’ … But I can overlook it. ‘ 



             ”Can’t control what?”

                      ’ The powers! —I don’t
                        want to hurt you! ‘ 


                      ‘ Stay b a c k! I can’t control it yet! ‘