oh y e s,

there will be b l o o d

Come to save little miss Muffet, have we? Well, you're too late. A spider came and sat down beside her and frightened miss Muffet away .

i'm the fuckin' k i n g of the world.

{indie chase collins from the covenant blog.}


              “It’s good their poison
               doesn’t do anything, I

{ well, it does to humans
so that likely made her a
bit suspicious, but, hey,
prosper’s not a bit fan of
s e c r e t s. }

                “They just look disgusting.
                 And the webs?”

an exaggerated shudder
followed by a wide grin. }


                       ’ I thought we weren’t affected
                        because their fangs were too
                        weak to puncture human skin. ‘

   [ with his p o w e r, he
     could turn even the
     docile daddy long legs’
     fangs into lethal injections.
     it’s all a matter of what he
     feels like. car accidents 
     provide much more of a 




                       ’ —Houston, we might have a problem. ‘ 



         ’  Just keep t’ your own space.

                       ’ Whatever you say, man. ‘



                     ❝ I DON’T THINK I’ll believe that
                                 you don’t have a story to
                                 tell… Everyone has a 
                                 story… Just like this school.
                                 Do you know the urban
                                 legends of this school? ❞

    [ of course he had, 
      but he couldn’t let
      her know that. he’s
      supposed to play the
      ‘naive new kid’ role
      until he could get his
      hands on caleb. ]

                          ’  —What urban legends? The
                            dorms aren’t haunted, are they? ‘ 


{ ❅ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ ——— 

                                                                                           ❝ admit what ? ❞

          gloved fingers strove to strangle the binding of the literature
          they coiled around, agitation growing. denial & bemusement
          were the honoured guests of her very own masquerade.

                                                   conceal.  don’t feel
                                                               C O N C E A L !


                      let him feel like a fool. 
              let him question his sanity.
                   she was no host for a parasite

                 ❝ didn’t i tell you to leave ?
                                 ——— don’t tell me you need
                                                     directions to the door. ❞


                        ’ Your power. Trust me, I can
                          f e e l it. But you don’t want 
                          anyone to know about it, do
                          you? —Oops, I guess your
                         little secret got out. I was the
                          same way, but lucky for you,
                          I can take it all away if you 
                         give it to me.

  [ he doesn’t follow her
    guidance, ignoring 
    everything she’s saying
    instead. her words mean
    nothing, he thinks himself
    to be infinitely stronger than
    her. ] 


{ it’s a spider. he’s done the
world a favor by smashing
the damn thing. in most
people’s opinion, at least. }

           ”Mhm. I was lucky to get my 
           shoulder. Imagine feeling one
           in a far more unsightly place.”


     [f a k e shiver runs
       down his spine. he 
       can’t give away his 
       secrets now, can he? ] 

                         ’ I don’t even wanna think about
                           what it’d be like waking up with
                           one on your face. 



       “Touchy, touchy— What are the
        consequences for not listening?”

                        ’ How about… An accident? An unfortunate 
                          fender bender-turned pileup, a girl pinned
                          between two cars. I’m good at accidents. ’  

                      ’ You’re gonna be my we-yotch.

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                “Yeah, don’t push it.

[ she takes hold of her side of the table,
  knuckles white with the firm grip and
  determination of winning. she begins
  manipulating the handles with a
  newfound skill, moving the plastic ball
  in her favor. ]

               “How much you wanna
                 bet you’re gonna lose?”

    [ he tries to get the ‘players’
      to swerve across against 
      her’s in hopes that he’ll 
      maintain power over the 
      ball once more, knuckles
      whitened with his tight grip
      on the handles. ] 

                       ’ Nothin, because I won’t.