oh y e s,

there will be b l o o d

Come to save little miss Muffet, have we? Well, you're too late. A spider came and sat down beside her and frightened miss Muffet away .

i'm the fuckin' k i n g of the world.

{indie chase collins from the covenant blog.}



           ”I have little interest in studying anyone’s
            head; least of all yours. And will you, now?
            –––– I’d loveto see you try, boy.”

                       ’ —Ah! But! You’re missing one
                        tiny little detail. I’m kinda stronger
                        than you. Oops… Did I just burst
                        your bubble? ‘ 


                        ’ Up for some foosball? ‘

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like this for a starter? 

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{ ooh, that’s got her excited!
she keeps herself very well
fed usually, but that doesn’t
stop the hunger from flaring
up knowing she’ll get more.
there always needs to be
m o r e. 

         ”Great! First, I need to find a 
         human. Have any particular
         ones in mind?” 


                        ’ You know what would be even
                         m o r e impressive? If you could
                         test on a warlock. ‘ 

  [ he isn’t attempting to
    volunteer himself for 
    a certain, possibly gory
    demise, but rather, 
    one of his kind, one he
    had been on the hunt
    for for the longest times. ] 



                        ’ That makes two of us.

                      ’ Then why go about announcing
                        it to the w o r l d? ‘

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           ”The banished son of witches?
             –––– You poor little thing. 
            Does it really excite you, or does
            ripping the wings off butterflies
            just make you feel better?”

                      ’ You have me all figured out, don’t you? 
                        You’d make q u i t e the psychologist. 
                        Unfortunately, I’m gonna have to kill you
                        before that point. ‘ 

Title: Nearly Witches (Ever Since We Met...)
Artist: Panic! At the Disco
Album: Vices & Virtues (Deluxe Version)
Played: 31679 times


Nearly Witches (Ever Since We Met…)  - Panic! At The Disco


A shady smirk danced on his lips, when
man spoke the following words.
Dante always had a weakness for cocky sons of bitches.
It was tantamount to having more fun.
But also having a short fight.
            - pity.

" I like challenges.
  that’s why ‘m’ ere.


  The same things
  Your parents told me. “

The hunter looked at him significantly, and
without hesitation, he kicked the crack, and after that, 
thousands of pieces of glass fell on him.
The demon jumped out of the car,
stopping on the hood of the car,
face to face with that kiddo.


     ”Let’s roll with that shit, shall we?”


                     ’ Oops, did you just say… My parents? 

   [ he chuckles wickedly, shaking
     his head as he slouches casually
     in order to get more comfortable, 
     arms resting on bent knees. ] 

                    ’ What are you sniffing? I.E… 
                      I k i l l e d them. They couldn’t
                      help you if they wanted. 

    [ a pause as the windshield
      shatters before him, not so much
      as flinching. ]

                    ’ Whatever you say, man. ‘ 

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she takes his hand in hers,
shaking it with a smile
on her face.

❝ very pleased to meet you, chase collins. 
i had a gym teacher named miss collins…
a long time ago. ❞

it almost hurts to think about poor miss

                      ’ It’s a pretty common name, huh? 
                        —I hope she wasn’t mean or anything. ‘ 

   [ he chuckles, a dry, bland
     laugh, but he hopes it’ll 
     suffice and pass off as a 
     real laugh irregardless as 
     he gives her hand a shake. ] 

                     ’ Your name? ‘ 

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"Well then, what would you like me to do?” 

                        ‘ W h a t e v e r you want.
                          I’m sure it’ll be fascinating. ‘ 

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